Thursday, June 12, 2008

Stuff 'n Junk

So I've got nothing to do, and even less to say but this whole bloggin' thing is addictive when it's new, and I'm starting to think that I shouldn't have a thought that I'm not going to write down... I apologize in advance... This could get very boring for all involved... OK, here's something, how about I bore the cyber world with a list of the things I've done most recently to kill time, and my impressions about them!

Song Stuck in my Head: The Teachers are Afraid of the Pupils Morrissey : Hey ummm... Moz? We're pals and all, and I really dig this tune, but you think you could make it just a bit shorter? Like, oh, 5 minutes or so shorter? Many, many things can happen in 11 minutes. Sunsets, freak hail storms, you can microwave a baked potato, I can't speak for others, but I could down a full pot of coffee... You see what I'm saying? Maybe just repeat the chorus 4 times instead of like, 18... OK? Glad we had this talk... Need a Kleenex? It's OK... You ARE a sensitive one aren't you?

Last Movie I Watched: Final Destination 3: I tend to be a 'horror purist' if you will, and by that, I mean kind of a stodgy prick when it comes to watching any gory flicks made after about 1990... unless they're Italian... That's a WHOLE other can of spaghetti strewn about to look like guts... Anyhoo, I must profusely apologize to Final Destination 3. I ignored you far too long, and in doing so, I was really only cheating myself. I do not wish to do a full on flick recap, mostly because other blogger folk do this so very well (see the blogs I read regularly) and I'd rather not embarrass myself... I will say however, that as a member of the fitness industry, nothing tickles me more than seeing a jock dude find himself headless on a chest press. If last Sunday was a game, than this flick most certainly was the winner...

Book I'm currently reading: Of Rats and Men: The Biography of Oscar Goodman From a mob lawyer, known mostly for his courtroom tirades and superfluous motions delaying his client's inevitable trips to the slam, to mayor of the swinginest town around, the fabulous Las Vegas, NV. I'm making a trip out to Sin City next month, and I always kick off the pre-trip ritual by reading up on my favorite place... Mayor O's story is straight outta Vegas. Long days battling prosecutors in the courtroom, long nights battling Beefeater martini's at the local casinos. Goodman represented Tony Spilotro (Better known as Joe Peshi's character Nicky Santoro in Marty Scorsese's Casino), a federal judge that he'd once tried cases before (ballsy trying to pull THAT one off), and reputedly, the real money man behind Las Vegas, Meyer Lansky, although Goodman claims that he never met the man, only representing him in absentia. I'm yet to get to the 'running for mayor' part, but if it's half as entertaining as the mobbed-up lawyer part, then I may have to consider a run at politics!

So there's a little insight into the inner workings of your friendly webierhood blogenstein... I hope it was as entertaining for you as it was time consuming for me... Now, to bed! A great, big, wonderful Friday awaits!

I leave you with this: Why in the holy hell can I not stop typing semicolons (;) when I'm MEANING to type apostrophes (')? Perhaps I have a touch of the hydrophobie...

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